How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

One of the biggest questions we get is, “Won’t my air filters take care of this?”

Honestly, your air filters are designed to stop impurities from flowing through into your home. BUT…they don’t remove the impurities from the air.

Our services not only filter the impurities out of the air your breathe, we also purify the air.

Unlike a typical HVAC cleaning service in Las Vegas, we don’t merely “sweep and dust” your system.

We test your system to make sure you’re getting enough air flow throughout your home. With our thorough HVAC cleaning service, we remove all blockages in your system. From there we also clean and sanitize your air handler with eco-friendly cleaners to ensure no harmful by-products of the cleaners are sent back into your home at the conclusion of your service.

We’re one of the few companies that assure you we’re using eco-friendly cleaners to protect your home.

For all of our services, we ensure that we clean, sanitize, deodorize, and remove all impurities from your air and HVAC systems.

Our services our 100% guaranteed to leave your home’s air in a better state than it was before we arrived.

So as you can see, you have nothing to lose! (except toxic air that’s could possibly make you and your loved ones sick in the future…)

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