Electrostatic Air Filters

Permanent High Tech Filter Never Needs Replacement

You have invested in better indoor air quality by having your air ventilation system decontaminated. This premium quality filter will keep your system clean and free of irritants for years to come. This high performance lifetime furnace filter replaces a standard low efficiency ‘throw away’ filter with no modification to the system. You’ll breathe easier and dust less often!!

We carry all sizes and types to properly accommodate your HVAC system. We also carry portable air cleaners that require a filter. Our filters capture up to 10 times more particles then the standard disposable filter’s which can cost as much as $20 each. Quit throwing away money every time you change your filters! Switch to a permanent washable air filter. The air inside your home will be cleaner and fresher.  Typical disposable  filters cannot capture some fine particles, such as dust pollen and mold spores. They simply pass threw and get re-circulated throughout your home and the air you breathe.  Our filters are simple to install like a  typical pleated filter and require no additional steps to install.  They will pay for themselves in just a few filter changes.

Just easily wash the filter every 1-3 months and put it back in place. The sturdy metal frame will stand the test of time. With a lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee, why not make the switch to a washable air filter that is permanent?

Electrostatic Air Filter Benefits You Can Live With

Air-Care Electrostatic Air Filter

  • Cleaner air to breathe
  • No harmful ozone emissions
  • Reduces pollen, dust and airborne pollutants
  • Reasonably priced
  • Less housecleaning
  • Never needs replacing
  • Anti-microbial filter media
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High dust & particle holding capacity

Cleaning is Quick and Easy

Window Unit

  • Simply remove the air filter.
  • Flush with water in opposite direction of air flow arrows then rinse other side.
  • Spray with ZAP! CLEANER to remove stubborn stains.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove remaining dirt.
  • Drain excess water, let air dry, and reinstall

How Electrostatic Air Filters Work

Washable air filters clean the air by using static electricity, a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon. An electrostatic charge is generated by air flowing through a maze of static prone fibers. Airborne particles are attracted and held by the static charge until released by washing. The air filters contain an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth on the air filter surface.

electrostatic air filtersThe air you breathe contains many irritants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander and smoke. Most of these particles are smaller than one micron. Washable air filters are an effective and efficient way to reduce the number of these particles in your air. This illustration shows the typical dust loading pattern of the electrostatic fibers. This unique characteristic improves air flow while providing maximum filtration.


If you have any questions about our electrostatic air filters or what type would suite you best, give us a call or visit our contact page. Whether you need a common size or a custom fit, we can accommodate any system.