Las Vegas Air Filtration Services

You may be asking, “Why air filtration?”

Good question. And why us??

Here’s why:

Most companies “claim” to clean your air ducts, when all they’re really doing is wiping down the vents to make it look like some work was done. In truth, you’re not getting the service you paid for.

But with us, we actually clean and sanitize your HVAC system so there’s no residual contaminants in your system.


Here’s how our air filtration service works:

First thing, we remove all the contamination from the system. There’s no reason to simply clean the vents and leave contaminants in the system to blow through again, right? So, we thoroughly clean your system.

We do this by using a variety of brushes, air whips, compressed air, vacuums — you name it — to ensure we remove EVERYTHING from your system and vents. This way, we don’t leave anything to chance. 94% of the impurities in your HVAC system will be removed with our cleaning methods.

But here’s the thing – many companies promise that right?

So how can you be assured we’re different?

We don’t just remove all the dust and dirt and allow it to float around your home. Dusting your vents doesn’t stop the pollutants from invading your home.

Our process doesn’t allow that to happen. You see, as we clean your HVAC system, we apply negative pressure, or vacuum pressure, to suck anything that’s knocked free during our cleaning process. This way, if anything that’s knocked free is immediately captured and isn’t allowed to disperse in the house.

We’re one of the only companies in Las Vegas that are certified to perform this type of process. Here’s the proof of certification:


We guarantee the air quality in your home will be better than before we left it. So call us today to set up an appointment for our Las Vegas air filtration services!


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