About Us

Indoor Air Solutions is native to Las Vegas  and specializes in improving every aspect of  Indoor Air Quality and  the air you breathe.  We offer Commercial and Residential services such as HVAC air duct cleaning, sanitizing & deodorizing, dryer vent cleaning, custom and specialty filters and UV air purification & odor remediation for smoke & pet odors to name a few.

Why air purification? It’s simple.

According to Fox News 8, we live in one of the 25 worst cities in the country for allergies. Think about all that smog you see hanging in the valley on a day when the air isn’t blowing.

You see, it’s THAT smog which makes our Las Vegas air toxic to breathe.

We can help you achieve a  home where the air is clean, fresh, and free of pollutants.

We have the knowledge,training and state of the art tools and equipment necessary to remove contaminants from inside your home and the air you breathe.

We are one of a few Air Care Trained and Certified company’s in Las Vegas that follow NADCA & EPA Standards. With that being said, our services have been shown to purify the air in your home better than 75% of our competitors here in Las Vegas. We care about the air you and your family breathe as much as our own.

And once we finish our work, your appliances will operate more efficiently saving you hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bills!

We Guarantee you will see and feel the difference our service provides- Guaranteed!

You simply can’t lose by working with us. So call us or click the red button to the left to to schedule your appointment.