Three Major Types of Home Air Filters

Home Air FiltersThe exciting city of Las Vegas suffers from a serious crisis in air quality. Smoke from the frequent California wildfires and the traffic-related elevation of ozone levels within the city combine to make Las Vegas one of the most polluted cities in the country. Unfortunately, these pollutants do not remain outdoors, but find their way into residential buildings where they contribute to health conditions involving the coronary and respiratory systems of local residents.

Many residents are finding a way to support good health and maintain pure indoor air quality through the use of home air filters. The benefits of home air filtration include protection from pollutants, poisonous gasses, allergy-causing particles, bacteria, and viruses.

Filtration technology has evolved to include three major types of air filters for home use.

The first type of filter is for the removal of particles. Standard mechanical air filters use a fiber system to capture particles in the air, while the newer electronic filters use charged ions to remove particulate matter. These electronic systems include both electrostatic furnace filters and ion-generating devices.

The second type of filter is for the removal of poisonous gasses. While they are typically used in industrial settings, they are occasionally appropriate for home use. Although very powerful and effective at removing gasses, these filters are unable to remove particulate matter such as molds, pollens, and other allergens.

The third type of filter functions by destroying pollutants using UV lamps. The ultraviolet radiation kills viruses and bacteria and in many cases, can cause the decomposition of dangerous chemicals and gasses as well.

With many filters available in various price ranges, it is a simple matter to find the right filter to meet the needs of a specific home.

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