Tips for Reducing Allergens and Improving Indoor Air Quality

According to 8 News Now, Las Vegas is one of the 25 worst cities in the country for allergies. Suffering from allergies is much like having a sinus cold and can cause many inconvenient symptoms such as a nasally, raspy voice for weeks.

During the autumn and winter months, indoor allergies can worsen because of trapping air inside the home.

Below are 7 tips for reducing allergens in your home:

Consider Air Duct Cleaning – There is no scientific evidence that proves air duct cleaning will improve allergy symptoms but there are many supporters that have had personal experiences and trust its value. Air duct cleaning provides clean, healthy air throughout the home, therefore improving your indoor air quality and reducing allergens. Call an Air Duct Cleaning professional for an inspection.

Prevent Duct Contamination – How can you minimize duct contamination in the first place? A good preventive maintenance program is essential to accomplish this. This will keep your air healthy in your home before even having to clean the air ducts. First, change your air duct filters once a month or consider Electrostatic Air Filters. Vacuum regularly with a HEPA cleaner. When you don’t use a high efficiency HEPA vacuum, vacuuming can actually increase dust in the air.

Reduce Household Moisture – Boiling water on the stove, hot showers and moisture in the ceiling or carpets can all increase household moisture and can cause mold. In order to reduce household moisture, use exhaust fans, open windows and don’t leave carpet to air dry when spot cleaning.

The Temperature in Your Home – Maintain the humidity in your home no higher than 50%. This is not a difficult thing to do in Las Vegas, where the humidity levels are not high. However in the winter, using a humidifier will produce more allergens and add moisture in your home, so try to aim for a temperature of around 70 F.

Dusting With a Damp Cloth – Avoid feather dusters! Instead use a damp cloth to capture the dust. A feather duster or dry cloth can spread it around vs. capturing the dust. Wipe down vinyl and vertical curtains and choose furniture that can be easily wiped down like leather, wood, metal or plastic.

Maintain Your Work Area Dust Free – Keep your work area clean and dust free whether your work area is at home or at an office. Again using a damp cloth, wipe your desk, computer screen, keyboard, and all other work spaces.

Limit Pets – Pets can become sources for mold and dust to get tracked into the house. To prevent this, brush pets outside, make sure they are completely dry after a bath or rain. Clean litter boxes regularly and although this may be difficult for some, keep your bedroom off limits to your pets.

For any questions or help with maintaining your indoor air quality healthy, get in touch with Indoor Air Solutions in Las Vegas.

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