Watch Out For Low Priced Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas

When you are searching out companies that offer air duct cleaning services and they quote extremely low prices, you need to be suspicious. There are many fraudulent establishments out there today, and consumers need to be educated. Think about the following scenario for a moment.

You hire a maid service to clean your home on a weekly basis at the rate of $15 per hour. She spends 3 hours cleaning for a reasonable total of $45, but then she hands you an extra invoice because during that time she washed your windows at the rate of $3 per. You have 15 windows so that just doubled your bill because you did not realize clean windows cost extra. Now the service is charging you $30 per hour, and you are not happy.

The problem with low priced air duct cleaning quotes is homeowners are scammed all the time with hidden costs. Chris Matthews of Dateline NBC in cooperation with the Better Business Bureau highlighted the fraudulent practices of these second-rate companies.

Homeowners may not think that air duct cleaning is important but in reality, it is crucial to proper airflow through your heating and cooling systems. Clean air ducts make complete sense with regard to energy efficiency too. Indoor Air Solutions are experts in their field, and you can count on us for upfront quotes and superior air duct cleaning services.

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