How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

Have you seen air duct cleaning prices range from $99 to $800? Why such a wide range in pricing?

The average cost for air duct cleaning in Las Vegas costs between $300 and $500 with factors like the size of the home and the number of air ducts.

But what about those $99 offers? These air duct cleaning companies may actually do more harm and no good for your indoor air. These specials typically are a way for companies to get in the door and up-sell homeowners on additional services, or use other tactics like informing the homeowner of other problems like black mold (this is common).  Or they may just be doing a “vent cleaning” vs. air duct cleaning. In the end, homeowners may end up paying $700 or even thousands for air duct cleaning.

A few ways to tell if the air duct cleaning company is not properly cleaning your air ducts are by their tools and equipment – like if they have vacuums and drills. Or, if you notice they quickly go through the house, vacuum a few vents and are done within 30 minutes. A proper air duct cleaning should take three to four hours to complete. Reputable air duct cleaning companies also use outdoor vented equipment so all dust and debris are captured outside the home, preventing the release of more dust in your home or even damaging your duct work.

Unfortunately, the air duct cleaning industry doesn’t have many regulations. Most states, Nevada being one of them, don’t have licensing requirements for air duct cleaning companies so it’s important to do research and hire the right air duct cleaning company. Indoor Air Solutions is certified in Las Vegas, Nevada. Check out our reviews as well!

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  1. You have some great tips for hiring a duct cleaning company. I haven’t had the ducts cleaned in a long time, and I want to find a company to help me with that. Now I know to look at their tools and how long they stay working!

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